Kitchen fully equipped with dishwasher, etc.
8 sleeps in 4 bedrooms with double bed
2 bathrooms with shower + washbasin + toilet

Parking spaces for 2 cars + motorcycles + bicycles
Barn as depot for skis + bicycles + equipment
Outside seating area with beer table set
Entrance with coat rack

Living room with 4 tables + chairs + bench
View to the Allgäu Alps
Lounge with library


At the eastern foothills of the Nagelfluhkette Nature Park lies the Township of Blaichach in the Allgäu. Following the Illertal valley in the direction of the Alpsee lake, you reach the village of Hofen. Under the spell of the Grünten, the imposing mountain ridge of the Allgäu Alps, the Architektenhütte stands on the steep slope up to the landscape conservation area.

With its two-story basic body and the stepped panel to the roof, the wooden house fits typologically into the tradition of the Oberallgäu dwelling. However, the stylistic elements have been reinterpreted; the basic body with its perforated façade is clad in wood, while the stepped panel is formed by a continuous band of windows almost across the corner. The spruce wood, which is predominant in the surrounding forests, is consistently used as a building material, from the construction over the room formation to the furniture.

All aspects of sustainability shape the building project from design to completion. With the highly efficient building shell, the importance of building services is marginalized. The Architektenhütte is designed as a vacation home for 8 people. Following this type of use, there are 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a living room to come together. For reasons of building physics, there are no classic interior doors but wool felt sliding curtains to separate the rooms.

With a stunning view to the Allgäu Alps as well as the lovely floodplains of the Iller River, the relaxed hut life takes place at freely arrangeable tables, the cozy lounge and while cooking together. The neighboring barn offers enough storage space. Almost all the furniture has been individually designed for the hut and made from spruce wood by the local carpenter. The infrared heating radiates tiled stove-like warmth. The building technology is automated and can be controlled digitally with a smartphone. WiFi is freely available in the hut.